Supreme Soul Herbal Industries

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Adivasi Ayurvedic Herbal products manufacturer & exporter based out of India �

About Us:
We have our own State-of-Art Farm where we grow our own set of herbs. We Cultivate, Manufacturer & Export Ayurvedic herbal personal care products and herbal health care medicines across the World.

We are deeply engrossed in translation of indigenous herbal knowledge of Indian tribesmen into health care products. Tribals have their own system of medication where way of usage of a particular medicinal plant is vital and so processing remains as important as ingredients.
Their sacred knowledge for herb is still not known to the outer world. The legacy of researching nature and traditional herbal knowledge of the Indian tribesmen is truly remarkable.

    Alternative & Holistic Health Service, Agriculture Company


      Pakshirajpura, Mysore, India

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