65FruitieFibre - Pre & Probiotics Fibre Singapore - 65果汁纤维, 益生菌纤维新加坡

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Prevention is always better than cure. 65FruitieFibre® product benefits are endless, best detox, weight loss formula and keep your colon healthy. 益生菌纤维新加坡

65FruitieFibre - Pre & Probiotics Fibre Singapore - 65果汁纤维, 益生菌纤维新加坡

65FruitieFibre is a privately owned Singapore company specialising in the distribution and exporting of natural health products. It is a homegrown brand from Singapore. Our product has been existed for 15 years, 65FruitieFibre Pre and Probiotic Fibre has proven to be safe and reliable for everyday consumption.

Our Values

Your health comes first. The reason why we make probiotics supplements in sachets is because we strongly believe this is the most effective way to have your probiotics. Many probiotics yogurt drinks have extremely high doses of sugar which can be damaging to our health. Light versions of these drinks often contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and chemical containing toxic effects which are harmful to the human body.

65FruitieFibre products is rich in nutrient and vitamins and free from artificial sweeteners and nasty additives. Everyone deserves a good health. Money can't buy good health no matter how much money we have. With 65FruitieFibre, our products are proven to help different people to achieve a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for pre and probiotics support for bowel calm, detoxification or to maintain slim figure or a flat stomach, we offer a condition-specific combination of probiotics strains.

Our Motto

If we are healthy, the world belong to us.

Our Product

65FruitieFibre products are made from natural ingredients with the most advanced biotechnological techniques. They are natural, simple to consume, effective, efficient, safe and free from adverse side effects.

People of all ages can safely consume 65FruitieFibre products, including pregnant women and children, to consume these products for the enhancement of their health and vitality in the shortest possible time.

Why buy from Us?

65FruitieFibre Prebiotic and Probiotic Fibre is Singapore product, safe to consume and guarantee to see amazing results within 6 to 8 hours after consumed.

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