Aloha Aina Wellness Center Inc.

We offer a beautiful, peaceful, healing atmosphere where you can Cleanse, Restore, and Rejuvenate to Transform your Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Aloha Aina Wellness Center Inc.

Aloha Aina Wellness Center will provide culturally relevant, community based services that decrease the incidence and severity of obesity and other chronic diseases in Native Hawaiians as well as every other culture on this planet. It will sufficiently improve one’s physical health and over all well-being. Colon Hydrotherapy will improve one’s awareness of self by learning the connection of the body, mind and Spirit in 10 short days! You will see your life improve dramatically here at Aloha Aina Wellness Center. Challenge yourself to make a Difference.

We believe in the philosophy that good health is the natural human state and only through good health will you achieve a healthier, happier, more positive and productive life. In our modern industrial society, we no longer can simply rely on exercise and good nutrition alone to be healthy. We must cleanse from the inside out. We believe in treating the root causes, not the symptoms to create a strong foundation of building blocks for a healthy body.

Like any physical structure, our body must be maintained routinely. Despite our best efforts, the combination of environmental, food, emotional and hereditary toxins overtime do not get eliminated naturally and become stored in our bodies, creating an acidic environment. It is within this acidic environment that disease flourishes. At Aloha Aina Wellness Center, we are committed to helping you repair and replenish your 37.2 trillion cells, get rid of these toxins and to become your optimal best healthiest self.

If you are suffering from serious illness,addictions,weight issues, fatigue, skin issues, depression, or any other health problems, Aloha Aina Wellness Center can help you return to your natural vibrant health state.

Colon Hydrotherapy is an ancient, gentle natural way to cleanse the colon with water. It allows the body to restore and maintain optimum health. Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle infusion of warm, fine-filtered, body temperature water into the colon. It’s an internal bath that flushes poisons and debris stuck in the colon.

Colon irrigation is not a cure, but is a valuable procedure for a variety of health conditions, particularly colon problems. It benefits you by cleansing and hydrating the colon, exercising the colon muscles, and stimulating reflex points on the colon. Colon Hydrotherapy cleans the blood, stimulates the immune system, and aids in restoring the pH balance in the body. It stimulates the liver, kidneys and lymph systems, and helps in assisting in the release of toxins. Colonics also help to restore mental clarity and improves your sense of well-being.

A series of colonics can help to cleanse the entire colon by removing severely adherent, hard and toxic waste material, which has been trapped in the intestine and is a source of many health problems.

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