Alternative To Meds Center

Alternative to Meds Center, also known as ATMC, is a renowned treatment program offering sustainable alternatives to addiction and medication dependence.

Alternative To Meds Center

ATMC specializes in helping people safely and comfortably taper off medications while working to reduce the symptoms that drew them to those medications in the first place. Many people come to ATMC for alternative with addictions to drugs and alcohol as well, and we work to help reduce the symptoms and cravings without using medications as a crutch.

People have traveled from all across the earth to participate in the ATMC program. There are very few places that offer the specialized treatment that we provide. Many people come to ATMC after more 'traditional' approaches have failed to alleviate their symptoms.

The staff on the treatment team at The Alternative to Meds Center has diverse educational backgrounds and skill sets. We work as a team to determine the root cause of the residents’ presenting issues, and then through a range of therapeutic modalities, work to help residents restore physical, emotional, and psychological homeostasis.

We have licensed doctors, nurses, and therapists who are dedicated to helping individuals make lasting changes in their mental and physical health. Our integrative approach brings together many different practitioners with various backgrounds such as Allopathic, Pain Management, Internal, and Environmental medicine as well as Naturopathic, Orthomolecular, and Chinese medicine. As a holistic model, we work to address the emotional and mental needs of our residents along with their medical needs. Our therapists use traditional therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy and Jungian psychotherapy in conjunction with alternative modalities such art therapy and ecotherapy.

In our peer based model, we consider residents to be an important part of their own treatment. Residents meet weekly with the treatment team to make important decisions about their programs. ATMC’s goal is to empower and educate residents to make decisions about their current condition as well as their ongoing health needs once they graduate from the Center.

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      40 Goodrow Ln, Sedona, United States

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