Body Logic 24 hour Fitness Center

24 hour fitness center with treadmills, ellipticals, weight-resisted cable machines, a shower, two bathrooms, a separate studio, and a one-person sauna.

Body Logic 24 hour Fitness Center

Dr. Dwayne Truhlsen has been serving the St. Croix River Valley in eastern Twin Cities for 14 years. As the primary health provider his goals are not only to treat symptoms but improve overall health for his patients. Back pain is only part of his clinical expertise. He is also all noted for his knowledge in extremity diagnosis and rehabilitation, auto crash injuries in evaluation, nutritional counseling for acute and chronic conditions, effective weight-loss protocols and healthy living protocols.

His philosophy in treatment plans treats your body as a whole and does not compartmentalize individual areas or symptoms. His goal is to create whole body health, longevity and high quality of life. He does extensive research in areas of nutrition, auto crash risk of injury and occupant kinematics, statistical
health care analysis and ongoing postgraduate educational classes. He does public speaking on auto safety, nutrition and spinal health. He does individual speaking and seminars to local high schools, businesses and fire departments/EMT groups. He does expert testimony on auto crash trauma and is one of the few doctors in the world who has performed at full scale like human crash test.

His educational background includes his doctorate from Logan University of health sciences in St. Louis Missouri, he is an advanced graduate of the spine research Institute of San Diego which is the most cumulative research institute in the world on auto crash risk of injury analysis and he is also a graduate of the Center for Research into Automotive Safety and Health. He is state certified and clinical nutrition and does spinal and extremity rehabilitation to trauma or postsurgical. His clinics incorporate physical therapeutic along with chiropractic care and an emphasis on home rehabilitation exercises.

Facilities include a 3000 ft.² chiropractic clinic and adjacent rehabilitation facility and 24 hour workout facility. He teaches people how to do their own rehabilitation to limit office visit and to promote self-active care which saves people time and money. Ultrasound therapy, interferential stimulation and manual therapy is also performed. Weight loss and healthy lifestyle classes are ongoing in extremely
effective at improving people's quality of life and getting off of medications such as blood pressure meds
cholesterol meds.

Diagnostic such as MRIs, CT scans and other imaging processes can be ordered along with bloodwork and other functional type testing. This type of care and commitment can save people money and time due to a lower overhead and cost compared to other types of medical care. Other services include nutritional DNA testing, nutritional profiling, self-active fitness programs, and personal training and
health classes.

Fitness Center memberships are as low as $25 per month with no sign-up fee.

What are you waiting for? Call now to start improving your health and quality of life!


   (715) 554-3890

      202 Main St W, Milltown, United States

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