Bug Protector

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Our non-toxic products include Bug Protector, Sun Protector and Pucker Protector. These are natural products made with plant-derived ingredients. You can find Bug Protector, Sun Protector and Pucker Protector products at www.protectorbrands.com.

Bug Protector

Inside a Midwest lip balm manufacturing facility, a machine operator adopted “big mother pucker” as the nickname for a pre-fill mechanism. The name made people snicker, and “pucker” soon became everyday terminology within the facility. It got us thinking and quickly evolved into a lip product known as Pucker Protector.

As we saw Pucker Protector gain a following, we decided to diversify our line and grow what we’ve branded as the Protector Package, a series of products designed to protect customers from the earth’s everyday elements. From those creations came Bug Protector, a deet-free, all-natural bug repellant.

In the testing phase of Bug Protector, we made sure to experiment with the product during all activities we felt people would use it: golf, fishing, camping, barbeques, bonfires, bike rides, evening walks. You name it, we tried it, even on our pets!

Over time, we discovered just the right combination of ingredients. A blend of lemongrass, geranium, peppermint, and cinnamon oils infuses a pleasing scent to humans but a foul one to insects. When it comes to performance, what makes our product exceptional is our differentiator: vanillin. Unfamiliar to most, the vanillin compound is much more effective than the vanilla fragrance in repelling small pests.

Whatever outdoor event you’re planning for, during the summer or year-round, Bug Protector will keep the insects away. Trust us — we’ve tested this on our own families and wouldn’t dare give you quality that’s anything less than the best.

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