Bumpy Tucker's " food be thy medicine"

Bumpy Tucker facilitates well-being in an array of therapies from skincare, Thai Therapy, fitness & nutrition through raw organic fruit & vegetable juice.

Bumpy Tucker's

Kristen Tucker is a highly trained clinical Aesthetician with a passion for holistic health and spiritual well-being with a background in Exercise Physiology, Yoga and Pilates.

For over 11 years she has been the owner of a high-end, full service spa and wellness center in the exclusive summer resorts of Mount Desert Island and Blue Hill, Maine. Kristen has traveled the world high and low gathering tools and experience in spa treatments, anti-aging therapies, fitness trends and healing techniques.

Ms. Tucker is known for giving treatments that are both exceptionally relaxing and clinically beneficial so each client is almost always able to see immediate results. Catering to each client’s specific skin and alternative healthcare needs is Kristen’s specialty. She is able to address many challenges her clients bring to her including environmental damage due to excessive sun exposure.

Kristen is also able to help treat a wide variety of skin conditions such as Rosacea, acne and aging. In addition to her work as an Aesthetician, she is a certified Pilates instructor as well as a TRX suspension fitness trainer and certified Traditional Thai Therapist.

Kristen is a strong proponent of organic juicing and the health benefits it provides and she is passionate about all aspects of fitness and health, living a well-balanced life, traveling the world and continually gaining knowledge in health, beauty & healing of the body from the inside out.

    Medical & Health, Health/Beauty, Spa

   (207) 610-2409

      7 Sea St, Northeast Harbor, United States

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