Carmen Wardwell - Fitness Coach

Carmen Wardwell - Fitness Coach

My fitness journey began before settling down and starting a family. Working in the entertainment industry-dancing, modeling, and acting- motivated me to train regularly to stay fit. However, it wasn't until after gaining 65+ lbs with my firstborn, and working hard to release that weight, that I developed my passion for health, good nutrition & supplementation, and fitness. Now, with 3 young children, I'm taking my love to a higher level- helping others become better versions of themselves, while continuing to hit new milestones in my fitness journey.

I've been on both ends of the spectrum. I know how easy it is to fall into that rut that leaves you wondering "How did I get here?", and I know the work it requires to take control and retake the reigns of your health and fitness.

My mission is to help others realize their potential, regain their health, and surpass what they believed they could be and achieve!

Thank you for joining me!

    Sports & Fitness Instruction, Alternative & Holistic Health Service

   (951) 347-7996

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      Inland Empire, Redlands, United States

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