Ecstatic Dance Sedona

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Free-style dancing guided by your body, mind and spirit to express your freedom and elevate your state of being. Accompanied with live music and dj's

Ecstatic Dance Sedona

Ecstatic Dance Sedona is a community gathering for people who love to Dance held every Sunday 12-1.30pm

A free-style, free-form of dance and movement that is guided by the music, your body, mind and spirit to freely express yourself. Creating a field of acceptance and openess which gives you permission and courage to dance without inhibition, freeing yourself and allowing your inner wild to come out and have fun.
For some this is a spiritual practice, for others a dance gym, or a mental/emotional release and for others a space to drop into their heart.

Enjoy a safe and inspiring space to move to amazing music and feel the connectedness of your dance family.

To respect each others space:
1. Refrain from talking on the dance floor (you can talk off-floor outside)
2. This is a drug & alcohol & smoke-free, environment
3. No photos/videos, cellphones muted and out of sight
4. Care/Awareness for the space and each other
5. Move your body however you wish
6. Respect one anothers space, you can dance with others as you feel (if you would rather not dance with someone thank them with a gesture of hands in prayer position at your heart (Namaste)
7. Refrain from perfumes and scents along with body hygeine in regard for others.

No experience is needed, only a willingness to allow yourself a deeper experience through the embodiment of your aliveness and passion and let the music guide you on your inner journey.

See you on the Dance floor!

    Dance Studio

   (808) 895-1984

      2050 Yavapai Drive, Sedona, United States


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