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Gaia Sophia Healing

I was born in Duluth, MN. I was born under the North Star and I came out with gleaming blue eyes, blonde hair and pale skin which doesn't sound important until you compare my features to my dark haired, dark eyed, dark skinned family. The uniqueness of my appearance is an expression of the uniqueness of my work in the world. It has been reflected to me from traditional Balinese Healers that it is important that I stand out the way I did so that I could recognize myself as I grew up. I was born with the ability to see and to dream. I come from a long line of healers, clairvoyants and prophetic dreamers. I did my best to fit in growing up but it was clear from the beginning that my energy was different.

In 2001 I had an awakening that allowed the solidity of my "normal" belief system to crumble. I spent the next 14 years studying Native American and Quechua traditions. Along the way I have trained with other skilled healers and have been initiated into being a guardian of the earth. These experiences unlocked what had been laying dormant in me since the beginning of time and I started to claim my work as a healer, visionary, teacher and star being.

My work is done via phone, Skype or if you are lucky to be in the same town as me, in person. I find that physical presence or not does not change the outcome of the session.

I work from a multi-dimensional space/consciousness to access your field through a chain of commands and with your permission areas of your experience where the energy flow has ceased or stopped. The information I bring to you is a combination soul interpretation, past lives, karma, limited belief systems, implants, markers, hitchhikers, negative emotional beings, soul contracts, imprints from old soul contracts, your guides, my guides, psychic healers, psychic surgeons and mother earth herself just to name a few.

I work in collaboration with my team, your team and your conscious in collaboration to create lasting change so that you have more access to your natural state of being which is good health, an open heart and liberation.

During our experience in physical form our liberation has been deeply compromised by factors that seem out of our control until we take our energy back. When something changes on the inside, something also has to change on the outside. This work absolutely starts to shift what you are attracting in your external life and it gives you the reigns back to be the co-creator of your reality, to reclaim your sensitivity, and to experience your destiny that you came to earth to experience.

This is in complete service to your liberation and freedom out of love and wisdom for all beings. It is an act of selfless service.

Some of the areas I have worked with include: addiction, depression, self-loathing, resistance, abandonment, rejection, belittling, sleep patterns, heart armor, empaths, lack of creativity, sluggish energy, ET implants, unconscious fears, self-sabotage, access to angelic guides, control, reclaiming your birth right, and soul purpose just to name a few.

Please send me a personal message to inquire about your specific situation.

Know that it is your birthright to life a life full of joy, freedom and discovery.

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      Squamish, Canada

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