Hand to Hand Combat Training Center III

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Hand to Hand Combat Training Center III

You have just landed at the 3rd branch-home for the AMERICAN Hand to Hand Combat. Our main school is in Coeur d'Alene Idaho run by Professor Michael M. Foley, and we have our 2nd school in Placerville, CA.

So welcome to the Hand to Hand Combat Training Center III page!

We are gung ho about 'Merica, big on family and all about self-OFFENSE. Get the bad guy before he gets you.

This program: "Hand to Hand Combat" or shortened, Hand to Hand... 'H2H'... was created by 10th degree black rank and 32-year Army Veteran Michael M. Foley.

Our new Woodward program is a off-shoot of well established H2H Training Centers in Idaho and California,. The Woodward program is taught by Mr. Foley's eldest daughter, Melanie Warner. She's 4th degree Black Belt in Koden Kan and holds the title of Chief Instructor in the system. Students often just call her 'Chief'.

This program was born out of the necessity to teach soldiers real life-preserving techniques that could be taught quickly and applied immediately, without the years of training most martial arts require to master.

This down and dirty system gets you in and out quickly. It is not for sport but for survival. That's an important distinction; we'll talk about muscles ripping, some eyeball gouging ....not always the goal to blind, but I mean this is life or death... We also explore "escalation of force" speaking to when and if you need to use certain skills to sensitive areas.

Of course.... we're not all going away to war. Much of this can be applied in domestic situations where somebody just needs to get shut down temporarily, while keeping their sight and manhood intact. This is absolutely for that - but why not be prepared for ANYTHING!?

We start each class with Muay Thai Kicks on the bag. Then - in the first half of the Level One course - we practice basic blocking and striking drills in order to create muscle memory. In the second half of Level One, there is no more need to do stationary basics because everything is done against a partner.

The majority of the course focuses on the partner techniques and actually moving your body against/with someone else's. Defending punches, getting out of chokes and grabs, manipulating someone else's bodyweight is the only way you can get the strong foundation built for effective combative skills.

We train with safety in mind. We hit bags so you learn how to really hit with follow-through. We teach you how to fall properly off of the throws. We teach you common mistakes before you make them, in order to avoid injury.

We utilize the military's CRAWL - WALK - RUN method, so we start slow and then amp up as you know the techniques better. We start with 'kiss-contact' and move up to whatever level of impact you and your partner are both comfortable with. It's best if you have someone who's close to your level of gung-ho-ed-ness, and similar in size & shape. Don't worry. If you're a 90 pound female, we're not going to hook you up with some beasty weightlifter dude. We love it when people join with a buddy, if not, you'll make a new friend here.

The techniques we teach have been taught to thousands of soldiers prior to and during combat tours overseas, as well as generations of children, teens and parents right here in the U.S.
Again, our Hand to Hand program is not for sport, but to specifically save your life.

Our greatest achievement is not building you into a killing machine. It is knowing that a young woman used our training to overcome an assault. Or that a soldier comes home to his family because our training neutralized a knife or gun-weilding attacker overseas.This is the reason we exist.

We have partnered with the premier martial arts school in Northwest Oklahoma, RYSE Academy of Martial Arts. RYSE has the best training facility around, and its owners and coaches are equally focused on developing students' character and skills. There is no greater opportunity than to provide every student with life-changing and life-saving skills.

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