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Hands-on-Health Chiropractic is on a mission to change the way Grays Harbor experiences wellness by helping the body to express optimal self-healing.

Dr. Kyna Wilson is a female chiropractor with a heart to heal in Grays Harbor.

We have a view and approach to healthcare different from standard medical and hope to help explain to each patient how the body is designed to function. Our goal is to restore our patients to a place of optimal self-healing; back to the basics of what the body was created to do!

Hands-on-Health is an atmosphere, focus and set up different from any other chiropractic practice, making it feel like a second home to everyone that we treat. We understand the many challenges of raising a family, having goals for wellness, and fitting in appointments; our goal is to meet you where you are and make it simple and rewarding. Bring the kids, we always have extra hands to help!

Dr. Wilson specializes in care of women, children and families, including pregnancy. She is certified in Webster technique, trained in craniosacral therapy, myofascial realease therapy and various other soft tissue protocols and has a many ways of adjusting the body to meet every patient's specific need, including hands-on and hands-free. We treat babes as early as first days of life, our most seasoned patient is in her 90's, we treat many hard-on-their-body men, and no one is too physically large for Dr. Wilson to work with.

We cannot wait to welcome you with open arms and share this experience together.

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