Humble hive Homemade

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Homemade cosmetics & personal care items made in small batches, with organic, fair-trade ingredients, packaged in compostable or reusable containers!

Humble hive Homemade

My online store will go "live" this August (2017) and all products will be available for sale on Facebook at this time as well. I sell homemade toiletries and cosmetics made with whole, natural, organic and fair-trade ingredients. I began making all of our household cosmetics & personal care items when our youngest son, Elliot (now almost 5 years old) was born as I became disillusioned with all the products I had been using for myself and for my family. The more I looked into the ingredients utilized, the more determined I became to craft a better option. Everything we put on our skin is absorbed by our bodies, and so I went out in search of a safer solution. I enjoy anything DIY, so I jumped down the rabbit hole and developed recipes for everything myself. Friends began asking to purchase the items I was making and so I decided to make a business out of it as I'm incredibly passionate about offering my fellow humans safe, sustainable, products that they can feel good about using. I want to share the high-quality products I've been making for my family for years with others in the most sustainable, healthy manner for our environment.

All Humble hive Homemade products are packaged in either compostable or reusable containers, making it a zero-waste store. I make everything in my kitchen at home with my slogan being "Made by a human in a kitchen." After having my first son, I felt much more comfortable purchasing products from an actual human being and/or making them myself. Thus, I pride myself on being a one-woman owned and operated business and I take great care each step along the way. From sourcing high quality ingredients and packaging options, to crafting each product, to designing all of my own labels, websites, etc. and having a relationship with each of my customers; I live for the whole process and feel incredibly proud of the products I offer my fellow humans.

    Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care

   (937) 769-5060

      2687 South River Road, Cedarville, United States

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