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O'Keefe Matz Chiropractic & Functional Health Clinic

Have you ever been told that you are “fine” but still feel bad? Or maybe you really do feel that you are in perfect health. Many problems show up in the blood long before you actually “feel” symptoms. Did you know you can have 20% liver or kidney function left and still have virtually no symptoms? How do you know if you’re truly healthy? Certain tests, when read properly, will indicate whether or not you are progressing toward a serious illness, such as cancer, liver, heart or many other diseases.

Wouldn’t it be better to stop these problems before they progressed into something serious? Or wouldn’t it be great if you could get back to the state of health you were in before you became ill?

Starting with a consultation, the doctor will determine the testing that should be done. Using blood work and other diagnostic tools, we do an in-depth analysis of your system. The testing will tell us where the problem areas are occurring or just developing.

During your report of findings we will carefully note major and minor conditions that may lead to serious illness. This detailed report will explain your test findings, as well as the nutrient and dietary recommendations based upon your test results.

How do we know our recommendations will work for you? What makes us different from other nutritionists?

We TEST and then retest to determine your progress.

There is no guess work...it is all in the testing.

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