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Pongea's mission is to bring you the best products in the world for the best possible price, with the best customer service experience, wherever you are.


Because at Pongea we deeply believe that all humans are created equal, all humans deserve to have access to the best products and services that their peers in other nations enjoy.
That’s why we set out on our mission to eliminate borders and obstacles in the face of commerce, and bring you the best quality products at the best possible price wherever you are.
For us to achieve our goals, we focus on putting in front of you the most advanced web and mobile technologies that help you browse a large catalogue of products and give you the tools to make the best possible decision.
And if you change your mind or are not satisfied with anything, we will do the impossible to correct the situation and give you a pleasant experience.


   (800) 978-1447


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      535 Mission St,, San Francisco, United States

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