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Perfectly Posh is a skincare company that uses naturally based ingredients, all items are $25 or less and shipping is always $5.99. Get Posh'D


Perfectly Posh is a skincare company first. We just happen to think social sellers are the best way to share what we do best. Social connections, real relationships, and simple, affordable ways to build a small business.
We have a product line with a strong retail appeal: it’s better ingredients than you’ll find anywhere, and it’s all under $25. We sell REAL products at REAL prices (I DARE you to find anything as good or better at our prices!). Anyone who loves good, quality skincare can be successful here, and successful for a VERY long-time because we’re, real, USA-made, cruelty-free, and something people want.
We’re not an MLM. We’re probably not even really a direct sales company. This old-school tactic involves pressure, scripts, aggressive recruiting, pyramid structures of “3 who get 3”, magic ingredients, limited product offerings, outrageous pricing, scary “opportunity” meetings, and aggressive sales people. If you want to know what we’re about, write down the opposite to everyone one of those things: social sellers are real:
No auto-ships. You purchase what you want only when you want. In fact, we have very minimal sales requirements: $300 twice a year, and you can reactivate for free any time if you miss your goals. But let’s be honest: most of our personal use needs require us to spend that much on quality skincare.
We don’t have “magic” products at outrageous prices. We sell REAL products: the BEST skincare you can get and it’s all under $25.
We don’t have “pyramid” schemes (no, “get 3 friends, who get 3 friends”). We don’t have a heavy recruiting focus at all. When people want to become part of our company, it’s because they WANT to share great pampering products, too. It’s simple, flexible, and pays a commission. Most of the company’s promotions and training support resources go to help part-timers as they look to support their family’s lifestyle with supplemental income.
We’re not members of the DSA (Direct Sales Association). Our standards are higher, and we don’t want to be affiliated with the types of businesses who’ve given direct sales a “reputation”. We’re just trying to build a great company with an incredible team and salesforce in the transparent way the world works now.
We have transparent rewards directly tied to your WORK at Posh. We don’t have crazy complicated programs for our business owners. These women simply participate when they want to be richly rewarded, and it takes the form of quick start bonuses, ongoing “Posh Points” rewards for working that will literally let you buy anything you want, and a rich customer and Consultant Rewards program (Perks) that let EVERYONE earn on what they buy, and referrals they make - just like Sephora, Delta, or Starbucks does. PLUS you get commission on everything you sell, every week.

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Ann Dalton
Founder & CEO
Perfectly Posh, LLC

    Skin Care Service, Beauty Store, Health/Beauty

   (503) 462-6879

      2069 Robins Lane SE #217, Salem, United States

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