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Rider Assessments, Postural Analysis by Sue Gould-Wright author of 'Equestrian Pilates - Schooling for The Rider'

Set up in 2007 by Sue Gould-Wright the business has evolved from group matwork classes to an online training portal, a concise guide to 'do anywhere' exercises in our book 'Equestrian Pilates - Schooling for the Rider' and unique 'ridden' sessions using the superb Racewood dressage simulators at locations around the UK and overseas.

In order to attain independent movement on the horse, we must work on our bodies off the horse also which is why our online video membership site was launched. Every month you will be given access to around 2 hours worth of video tutorials which take you from complete beginner upwards in sensible, easy to follow steps. As the months progress you build a library of videos to dip in and out of, always keeping the previous months videos to refer back to. The sessions are varied in length from 5 minutes upwards - so you always have time to do SOMETHING. With clients worldwide this affordable tuition is something all riders should be signed up to!

With Equestrian Pilates tuition now online Sue has more time to work on Rider Assessments on the Racewood simulators and during mounted sessions at clinics across the UK. The simulator sessions in particular are invaluable at offering riders an insight into how their bodies are working as they ride, often blocking the horse's movement due to poor muscle recruitment patterns and stiffness. Being able to stand side on to clients as they work in all gaits and movements is fantastic! Clients come on in leaps and bounds and find they are able to easily transfer this work to their real live horses!

The development of a relationship between horse and rider whereby aids are offered and responded to quietly, where the communication is so clear that it appears almost invisible is the aim of our work.



      Broxtead House, Sutton, United Kingdom

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