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The Mind is the Greatest Weapon, The Heart is the Greatest Shield... Internal Development is Measured through External Regimen...Lest you forget..and find yourself alone in the abyss.

Temple Underground Internal Boxing Gym (TUIBG) is the evolution of Angel's Gym founded in 1985 by Master Angel Rivera. We offer healing energetics to competitive and combatives practitioners. We offer traditional martial artists processes that help them apply tai chi and bagua principles in a effective and combative way. The Book, Western Long Boxing: Tao of Ten Gated Changes is the current literary guide to the martial energetic program taught at the facility.

The TUIBG concept began in Angel's Gym in Fayetteville N.C.. The health aspects of these concepts are vetted by members of the YMCA in Ankeny, Iowa. Internal Boxing is the current focus of the training, and that program was vetted by the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association. Students were taught stilling and moving meditation to improve and enhance modal behavior.

Advanced Training in Internal Boxing and Meditation will be offered for Adepts (Practitioners on the path to Martial Art Mastery) in Martial Arts. Students will be accepted after application and interview.

Head Instructor is Professor G. Singh. The Founder of the Gym in Tennessee, Angel Rivera, the founder of the original Angel's Gym, was a regional Champion in the 1980's, and the gym was a Pro/am Boxing Kickboxing facility. The Founder of Illusive Pugilism, G. Singh, expanded that reputation into grappling and MMA through establishing form (codified shadowboxing) to the Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA competitors training. As such, the novice competitors had a faster learning curve than their peers. The system of Illusive Pugilism produced and trained over 25 Pro/am Champions at the city, state, regional levels (2007-2010).

Belt Ranking System: All evaluations are video recorded and archived by Grandmaster & Professor Gurjot K. Singh, Ph D., Ed S., M Ed., MS IR. The Grandmaster is published in articles and books on Martial Arts and is recognized professional Internal Martial Artist & Pugilistic Trainer by the USAABA, IKF, NAGA, EFC, CPF, GAMENESS, WMAC, USGMC and NC. VA. Combat Sport Licensing Authorities. He is the inventor of the Minotaur Rigpa, 1st Internal Boxing Wooden Dummy in the World. Masters Antonio Duerson, Sifu Ian Connor, Jermaine Hechevarria, John McKelvie and Justin Watkins are the only Blackbelts of this system eligible to teach and request ranking for their students in the disciplines of Western Pugilism and Western Tai Chi Chuan.

1. White Belt - Neophyte or beginner in Yoga (Plymetrics, Core Strength andwith Posture Flexibility poses)... Beginner

2.Green Belt: 2OOO Hrs of training. A video of Martial form (Offensive and Defensive, Striking & Grappling Movements that are standardized). A video of Yoga (Core and Flexibility by your standards) and a video of Boxing and Grappling sparring ( 3 x 3min rounds mixing Striking and Grappling).

3. Brown Belt: 4OOO Hrs of training or 3-4 years. A video of improved Martial form. A video of Yoga (Core and Flexibility by your standards) and a video of Boxing and Grappling sparring. Form and Sparring should start to look the same. (4 x 4min rounds mixing Striking and Grappling) or Person must have won a striking and a grappling competitive event.

4. Blackbelt: 6000 hrs of training or 5-6 years or training. Must have done everything that is required in the lower ranks. Can teach Angel's Gym Yoga Fitness be standards previously mentioned... also has created or performs a standardized form that meets the standard on the Master's of the system. Everything is on video.

5. 1st degree BB: 7000 Hrs of training or 7-8 years

6. 2nd degree BB: 8000 Hrs of training or 9-10 years

7. 3rd degree BB: 9000 Hrs or 11-12 years

The Book the Art of Western Tai Chi Ch'uan is the guidebook for the Gym's Illusive Pugilism style recognized by the USAABA, IKF, NAGA, CFP and EFC & Gameness MMA promotions. Martial Energetic curriculum of the Temple Underground Internal Boxing Gym is fund in the Book, Western Long Boxing. Article, Book Review and Video links can be found on:

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Book Reviews:
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