The Healing Shack- Lime Springs

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The Healing Shack is a place for gathering in community with like minds for healing circles, yoga, or any other events that connect us through well-being.

The Healing Shack is the fruition of a dream of mine. I dreamed of having a place where people could gather and share, and feel safe and un-judged. That is exactly what the Healing Shack embodies. The name happened while I was trying to think of something clever.

From the Jasper stones thrown on the Earth below the floor to the vaulted roof, and through the guardian pines, the Healing Shack is a space for love and kindness and open expression of self for all well-intentioned visitors.

What would you like to see happening at the Shack? Let me know your ideas... If it follows the true intention and purpose of the dream, we will find a way to make it happen.

Located in the woods near the North Branch of the Turkey river in rural Lime Springs, Iowa. I look forward to seeing you at the next Healing Shack event. ♥

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      Lime Springs, United States

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