The Natural Cure

Jeanette Fransen believes in treating the whole body without drugs. Both her children were diagnosed with autism. Her daughter has fully recovered.

The Natural Cure

Testimonial: “Nick and Jeanette have more knowledge than most doctors that I have worked with throughout my career as an orthopedic surgeon. I have seen several people that have needed surgery and after several visits with Nick and/or Jeanette no longer need surgery. I have also witnessed many individuals with special needs no longer diagnosable after seeing Nick and Jeanette for a period of time.” --Dr. Robert Morrow, M.D., Salt Lake City, Utah

Testimonial: “My son who had been diagnosed with autism, is now in a mainstream classroom only two years after we started seeing Jeanette. We had been to several other local doctors who claimed to be able to help and never did in the 2 1/2 years that we were seeing them. My son’s teachers do not believe that he only had two words that he could say when we started seeing Jeanette. Now he speaks great English and Spanish fluently and no one can tell he ever had autism.” --G.M., Layton, Utah

Testimonial: "I was referred to Jeanette by my M.D. for heart disease. During our first visit she discovered that my testosterone was very low. I had been working on this with my M.D. for over an year and was currently on hormone cream which was not helping. Through Jeanette's treatment my libido has returned and my wife and I are both very happy. My heart disease has improved tremendously as well." --Anonymous

Testimonial: “Jeanette found and has been treating medical issues in my nonverbal autistic son that none of his doctors (a pediatrician and four specialists) even knew to test for, let alone treat. In the short time we have been seeing Jeanette, my son's teachers, therapists, and family friends have remarked on his improved eye contact, happiness, and behavior. I am confident that as our son's body continues to heal, his development will skyrocket. Jeanette offers more than just healing expertise, as she is extremely compassionate and never hesitates to encourage me and tell me what I good job I am doing with my son. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to hear more of our story.”
Mindy Chiou, Encinitas, CA

N.C.R.(Neurocranial Restructuring) Testimonial:
“I have finally found relief after being hit by a car over 50 years ago. I have suffered my whole adult life from this until now. I finally feel good. This is after a few treatments.” Robin Sandy, Utah National Director, Juice Plus

Prolozone Therapy Testimonial:
“After receiving three treatments my hip, which I have been told by several M.D.’s needed to be replaced is nearly 85% better. Thanks Nick!” --Tim, Carlsbad, California

Electro-Dermal Screening Testimonial:
“I went to a doctor and had her look at my blood in a microscope and she said it was some of the healthiest blood that she had ever seen. She asked what I had done and I credit that to seeing Jeanette to get me and keep me healthy, (emotionally, physically and mentally).” --Karen

P.S.E. Testimonial:
“After seeing Jeanette for six months I have not had any schizophrenic episodes or hallucinations. It used to be a daily occurrence. I have been free of this for over three years now." --Kate, Salt Lake City, Utah

Testimonial: "Jeanette has a level of knowledge and passion for Natural Health second to none. Her determination to find the answer leaves no room for a problem to not have a solution. Anyone struggling with a health challenge can be assured Jeanette will see it through right alongside them. I have collaborated with Jeanette on various clients’ conditions; she suggested products, modalities, and educated them on lifestyle changes that would be beneficial. She is a pleasure to work with and a gift to the Natural Health Industry." --Chele Eades, Healthy Lifestyle Coach/ Raw Food Chef:

Testimonial: "Jeanette Fransen has helped us for several years. Her expertise in the art of healing has been very, very helpful. For example, normally I suffer every spring with allergies that are often debilitating. This year has been different. I have not had to deal with allergies at all this season. Jeanette has also helped us learn how to help ourselves. She has taught us so very much that is useful in maintaining our health. Both my wife and I recommend her for her depth of knowledge and her ongoing search for ways to help others." --M & N, Bountiful, Utah

Testimonial: "Jeanette is wonderful. She identified several issues for me that once resolved aided in my becoming pregnant after 8 years of trying. She has an amazingly extensive knowledge in many aspects of natural helaing and identification of problems. I am so very grateful to have found her and have reccomended her to multiple friends and family. All of whom loved her as well. I can not thank her enough for everything she has done." --Sara Peterson Walker

Testimonial: "Jeanette is wonderful. The knowledge she has about the body and natural healing is incredible. She explains things in terms that someone who isn't as knowledgable understands. She takes her time and explains answers to questions in detail. She is a wonderful listener and wants to help in every way possible. My son was vaccine injured and she has helped me with different therapies to help him heal. She will be a great resource to you in your natural healing." --Lisa Fronk Peterson

Testimonial: "I always consult with Jeanette when I have questions. She is my trusted source for all things natural. Her knowledge is extensive and helpful every time." --Rebecca Fila Gillespie

Testimonial: "We started working with Jeanette a little over two years ago. Since then, our two sons - both diagnosed with autism and apraxia of speech - have made tremendous gains. Our four year old has made a huge leap academically and is now able to read and spell hundreds of words. He began to type words on a computer recently and his speech is coming along well. His language is fully functional and purposeful - a true means of communication. Our seven year old - although still nonverbal - is a dream child and excels in the areas of compliance, cognition, his connections with others and the ability to empathize with people. He is a superb athlete and regularly participates in 5K runs, horseback riding, swimming activities. Recently, he picked up surfing. It is such a joy to watch our boys progress and grow into phenomenal little men. Jeanette empowered us - as parents - with knowledge and hope. Hope that full recovery from autism - although not immediate - lies ahead in our sons' bright future. I highly recommend Jeanette to everyone. Her knowledge surpasses that of most other professionals we have worked with in the past. There are answers out there for everyone - and Jeanette can help you find them." --Monika Sessions

Testimonial: "I think the Pleo drops totally minimized and shortened our colds. They are easy to use and there is no taste. Now if we could just buy them in bulk...for our 5 kids. I also have been using Chavita2 and Emvita5. I don't know how they work, but they do. I never realized they were working, until I forgot to take them two times in a row. What a difference--my ability to handle my daily tasks was improved with drops. I was totally in a frenzy without them. I think I have best results when drops are taken first thing in the morning. I am glad I was introduced to these remedies; too bad insurance does not cover something that really works." -- Nicki, R.N., Salt Lake City, Utah

Testimonial: "My son has had ADD and Sensory Processing Disorder for his entire life. We did neurofeedback over the summer with Nick and Jeanette and he is able to concentrate in school and I feel he no longer has either of these disorders. My son has the same teacher as he did last year and she asked me what we did and has told me over and over how he is a different child." --L. Jones, Ogden, Utah

Testimonial: "I have been seeing Jeanette for only a few weeks and am already having bowel movements every day. It used to be only every two or three days." --Anonymous

Testimonial I recently received this email from a client who has endured hearing voices in her head for years. After one visit to my office, this is what she wrote: "I thought you should know that the auditory hallucinations are getting better and I am able to write well because I'm starting to think clearly. You have no idea how much those two things mean to me. I'm holding back tears right now. It's been a long, long time since I've felt like this. The therapy you prescribed was unusual, but you were right. I feel like I've been fighting really, really hard for so many years to get where I'm at today, but I never thought in my wildest dreams that something would actually work... effectively!!! haha This may seem premature because I know I have a long ways to go still but I really, truly do feel better. I also want to say thank you for sharing your story with me. I really enjoyed our conversation. I hope you are doing well!"

Testimonial: This is a letter of recommendation that Dr. Mark Laursen wrote for me a number of years ago. "I write this letter to recommend Jeanette Fransen as an excellent candidate as a naturopathic practitioner and to sit for the naturopathic exam. My acquaintance with her goes back several years when she and her family moved to our community. At that time they were struggling with how to help their young son who had developed autism at about 22 months of age. I was impressed by her tenacity in learning and applying everything she could to help her son. The developmental pediatrician who initially diagnosed her son gave her a very grim prognosis, declaring that he would never talk, would become increasingly violent and that they should prepare to institutionalize him at some point. She and her husband have refused to believe nothing could be done and have explored numerous modalities in their efforts to assist him. As a result, he talks well enough to make his needs known, reads and spells on a second grade level and has developed many motor skills, including bike riding, swimming and rock climbing to name a few. She has used the knowledge gained in pursuit of helping her own child to help other parents struggling with autism, and with great results. Of course, every child on the autism spectrum has their own unique cluster of symptoms, but several non-verbal autistic children Jeanette has seen are now making progress speaking and learning. Because autism is such a complex condition with environmental elements, she has learned much about detoxification methods, healing the gut problems that often accompany autism as well as the nutrition element that is so important. Autism is not the only condition she has helped. She has helped individuals with chronic fatigue, gut ailments, emotional blocks and even physicians with various ailments that were not diagnosed or treated properly. When she is aware of a treatment modality that would help a client which she is not qualified to do, she immediately refers them to practitioners who can help them. I enthusiastically give my unqualified opinion that she would be an outstanding naturopathic practitioner." --Mark Laursen, M.D., Sedona, Arizona

Testimonial: "I just wanted to let you know that I fell asleep last night for the first time in YEARS without a sleeping aid. I took the Simvita as you directed and my brain calmed down and I fell asleep - MIRACLE!! The second miracle was that I got through my son's wedding and reception without having a meltdown. Three weeks before the wedding I told you how anxiety-ridden and nervous I was and not sleeping well. You made me the emotional drops and I believe they kept me calm and in control through Everything....I can't thank you enough!!!! Thanks, Jeanette!!" --Lisa Gove

Testimonial: "Please feel free to put this on your web site. I had an appointment with Jeanette Fransen for headache issues but mentioned that I had started with yet another bladder infection. Apparantly women my age get them a lot!! I told her I didn't want to be taking antibiotics every 2 or 3 months. She told me how to treat the bladder infection naturally with products I could get at the local health food store. I was introduced to D-Mannose and Jeanette told me how to take it, along with a few other hints. All it took was 4 days and I am bladder infection FREE!! I am also able to prevent future bladder infections. I feel empowered and healthy - Thank you to the brilliance of Jeanette!!" --Lisa Gove

Testimonial: "I called Jeanette and was in so much pain. Jeanette was able to make the pain go away naturally in less than 24 hours. I have had migraines for years and they are gone. I was finally able to stop taking my medication for that. I also found out that my blood sugar was way out of range and I have been able to get my blood sugar into range with in a short period of time. Thank you so much, Jeanette." J.W., Orlando, Florida

Testimonial: "I sought the advice of Jeanette after my autistic toddler started seriously regressing and losing speech following surgery, and my surgeon and pediatrician had nothing to offer. When I took her to see an autism doctor a few months later to get some tests done, when I went through the timeline and events that followed her tonsillectomy in May, the doctor was not taken aback by how my daughter developed a stutter and within a week's time was unable to utter even the word "mom" or "apple". I was waiting for some look of horror or surprise from her, but the truth is there was none and she said they have seen this so many times that it isn't shocking. She was shocked however that my daughter's language is back to baseline two months later. She gave me a great big pat on the back for eliciting help from and following the directions of Jeanette when I did (low-inflammation diet, Biopure chlorella, zeotin, doTERRA Frankincense and Balance, and ultimately the doTERRA flu bomb protocol). It sounds like this was a real game changer for my daughter. She said they see kids who take years to get language back and some never do. That just sent chills through me. Jeanette, thank you for your skilled guidance that rescued my daughter from further regression!" --Tiffany Parent

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