Total Health Orange

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Total Health Orange offers a range of experienced and professional health practitioners to assist people to reach their potential.

Total Health Orange

Our Therapists include:
Occupational Therapists: Sarah Davis (Cutler) and Katelyn Tillack
Massage Therapist: Ben Vaughan
SCENAR Therapist: Sarah Davis (Cutler)
Speech Pathologists: Karen Trengove and Claire Cunial
Dietician: Alicia Blowes

Sarah Davis (Cutler)
Using a combination of Occuptional Therapy and Scenar Therapy, Sarah treats:
- Pain: acute and chronic
- Lack of energy
- Fertility
- Poor coordination and balance
- Handwriting difficulties
And much more.

Occupational Therapy (OT) focuses on improving or maintaining people’s function and assisting people to reach their potential. I work with both children and adults with an array of difficulties or disabilities.

OT for children:
I assess and treat a child's:
- General development to check they are meeting appropriate milestones
- Fine motor skills
- Handwriting
- Self care tasks
- Play skills
- Attention and concentration

OT for adults:
- I assess adults activities of daily living and can provide recommendations for home modifications or equipment to maintain independence for as long as possible.
- Rehabilitation before or after surgery to maximise recovery.
- Education, support and therapy for people with an array of diseases and disabilities.
- Lymphatic drainage

SCENAR (Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) is a hand held electro-stimulation medical device. It is a certified pain relief device that was designed by a Russian Neurologist to relieve pain and restore function. SCENAR is non-invasive and does not involve needles, drugs or surgery.

SCENAR is able to assist to restore function in people with a range of difficulties including:
- Chronic pain
- Acute pain
- Lack of energy
- Low immune system
- Allergies and hay fever
- Loss of strength and range of movement
- Oedema (swelling)

Ben Vaughan:
Ben is a massage therapist.
"Massage Therapy will benefit the injured, the ill and the stressed; However, the real strength with massage therapy lies in prevention."

Ben uses massage therapy to treat:
- Muscle tension and spasm
- stress and stress related conditions
- sports injuries
- back and neck pain
- headaches
- insomnia
- post surgical rehabilitation
- strains and sprains
- anxiety and depression
- tendinitis
- whiplash

Karen Trengrove:
Karen is a Speech Pathologist with over 20years experience. Karen treats both adults and children with a range of concerns including:
• Articulation / Phonology (speech sounds)
• Understanding and Listening
• Late Talkers / Poor expressive language for age
• Stuttering
• Social Language (difficulties in social language skills)
• School Readiness / Pre-Literacy Skills
• Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Global Developmental Delays (including Downs Syndrome)
• Reading and Spelling
• Learning Difficulties

For more information on our services please visit

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      Total Health Orange; 281 Lords Place, Orange, Australia

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