Watergate Bay Hotel

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Set on a spectacular surfing beach on the north Cornwall coast, Watergate Bay Hotel is the perfect destination for a contemporary beach holiday.

Watergate Bay Hotel

Watergate Bay is a place that’s all about the balance of life; being active, getting amongst the elements, eating and drinking well, spoiling yourself a little, chilling out, getting cosy and most of all having a good time!

The beach is on our doorstep, so from the moment you arrive, the Atlantic Ocean and the rugged coastline are an ever-present reminder that you are somewhere where nature rules. But inside, every part of the hotel – from the bedrooms to Swim Club – has been created to bring you the best in contemporary Cornish comfort.


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    Hotel Resort, Beach Resort, Sports & Fitness Instruction

   01637 860543

      Watergate Bay, Newquay, United Kingdom

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