OILicians LLC

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Welcome! An office created for you to have your best experience with essential oils. Keep an eye on this page for local oil education classes and tips!

OILicians LLC

Lori Rinaldi discovered essential oils while going through a personal health condition that traditional medicine was unable to help.
Researching on holistic healing, she discovered doTERRA oils and in time, she was able to heal completely.

After reconstructive wrist surgery that put an end to a full time massage career, Lori turned her experiences into a passion — educating others on how and why essential oils help the human body. She now travels all over the country teaching others. Lori continues to pursue education and specifically, certifications through the East-West School for Herbal and Aromatic Studies.

Please call Lori to make an appointment for a personalized essential oil consultation, or to schedule an AromaTouch Technique session. Consultations use computerized bio-impedance
testing, while AromaTouch uses the healing power of oil chemistry and aroma in a delightful easy going personal session.

    Educational Consultant, Alternative & Holistic Health Service

   (920) 379-4956


      407 W. Main Street, Wautoma, United States

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