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4Balance Fitness Experience is a cure for the common gym. We offer private training, small group training and sports specific training.

Mission Statement
To achieve excellence through a systematic training approach that will enhance both mental and physical performance. Our staff will enhance each individual’s athletic potential and weight loss/weight gain goals through a structured program that includes all aspects of physical development and injury prevention.

4Balance Program Philosophy
We believe a structured program that includes all aspects of cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy has greater success in helping clients achieve their goals. Our clients have an impact on the success of the program; therefore it is imperative that our staff is aware of the numerous training principles and applications that are available to enhance every client’s performance to reach his/her potential. When a client is putting in the time and effort to succeed, the 4Balance Fitness staff is equally committed to giving the same effort and MORE to help that client.

The goals of the training program are:

Team Building
Achieving Client Goals
Injury Prevention

Several Factors should be evaluated when it is related to the word WORK.

Increase Work Capacity - raising the client’s ability/volume of purposeful activity in a given period of time.
Work Intensity - the client shows eagerness and strong concentration.
Work Effort - the client is attempting to achieve their objectives.
Work Ethic - the client’s drive to succeed, pride.

Team building means developing a group working together. Working in a group of like minded individuals establishes these intangibles of success:

Peer review
The power of one mission, one goal

Achieving Client Goals
Clients will use strength training as one of the major pieces of their overall physical development. Unlike powerlifters and weightlifters, who actually compete in the exercises they train with, most human beings use a variety of movement patterns in their daily lives. Our program is designed to improve your health, level of fitness and athletic ability to achieve individual goals.

In most exercise programs, many exercises are completed with little or no foot movement. At 4Balance Fitness we train movements rather than body parts. The days of concentrating on specific body parts are over. By emphasizing movement patterns rather than body parts, the client will be able to improve all aspects of fitness and health.

Injury Prevention
Exercises that increase mobility are extremely important to the development of each client. Several factors in 4Balance Fitness’ program relate to injury prevention:

Functional strength training
Functional conditioning
Functional flexibility
Proper nutritional guidance
Rest and recovery
Assessment of injury prone areas on each individual

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