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Airs Above

Hello!! Welcome our business page. Our business name, Airs Above, reflects our passion for living on higher ground. Airs Above the Ground is a term for an extraordinary movement performed by a horse and trainer. Just as Airs Above movements are remarkable and require balance and energy, our business requires the same and we have met the challenge of being able to produce an extraordinary income, health and lifestyle we want for our family.

Thirty years ago I, Patty, was looking for a way to increase our income. I was constantly tired and our children were very sick. When a neighbor introduced me to some exceptional products, we had more energy and the kid's health improved dramatically. When we were introduced to the business we knew it was a fit! Today we still market this elite line of products and work with people who want to improve their health and financial stability. These products continue to be a growing trend in the marketplace as more and more people are looking for green, all natural products that are good to the planet as well as increasing their endurance, energy and wellness.

Our business is expanding and we are looking for someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and who has a passion for excellence and desire to build independent multiple streams of income in a career position with long term passive income potential while adding an annuity to their portfolio. We have training and team work as a part of our package. If you or someone you know may be interested email or message me today!

If these cutting edge products are as good or better than what you're using now, why not switch and shop our online store? Get more for your shopping dollar and the satisfaction knowing you support your local entrepreneur!


      Erie, United States

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