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Hi, my name is Nikki and I will be your yoga instructor here at Aspire Yoga.
I started my yoga practice when a friend literally dragged me along to a beginners course. I didn't instantly love it but I did instantly realise that I could benefit from continuing.
As the beginners finished I moved up to the Open class and played with my practice for about 2-3 yrs before I committed to a couple of classes a week which is when I really saw the changes.
I've worked in the corporate world for many years now, mainly in Learning & Development, and to say it was stressful was at times an understatement. My yoga teacher constantly told me she couldn't believe the difference in the Nikki that entered class to the one that left.
One day I was sitting in a pose and thought.."how amazing would it be, to be able to share this with others. To be the one that gave to others what I received from my practice"
I sat with that thought for a few months and then made the plunge. I sold my flat, quit my job and signed up for a Sivananda Teacher Training on the other side of the world... aargh!!!
It was one of the most mentally challenging yet physically and mentally rewarding things I have ever done
I came back to Auckland and set up a studio and started teaching. It was exciting and daunting at the same time but once I started I couldn't believe how lucky I was.
I love sharing yoga with others and I have absolutely loved seeing the benefits it has provided my clients over the years.

I'm just an everyday kiwi chick who found something she loved and wants to share it with others. When I do fitness I like to feel that I have actually done something so that is how I base my classes too. You can make them as easy or as challenging as you like.
The most common objection I hear is "I'm not flexible enough to do yoga" ... I love that one haha I definitely wasn't flexible when I started either, and I have clients who are more flexible than I am. Yoga is for everyone, there is always something you can do and if you keep doing it then you'll see progress ... YAY!

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