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Shamanism, astrology, holistic spirituality, parallel universes, multidimensional arts and light © Franco Santoro

A holistic system of healing, developed by Franco Santoro ( since 1976, aimed at expanding human consciousness through the integration of shamanism with experiential astrology, the mystery traditions and other paths of inner wisdom. Featured prominently at the Findhorn Foundation in Northern Scotland from 1999.

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Please be aware that we do not offer any form of fortune telling, future prediction or astrological character analysis. Your personal horoscope here shows what you are not, what you have been conditioned to see as yourself, your separate self and all its illusions. We employ astrology as a strategic map of the separate human psyche and as a method for determining the division of time.

All information provided in this blog is presented solely for inspirational or recreational reading, and it is not meant to substitute the recipient’s direct experience and investigation. This page does not necessarily endorse any of the ideas and views expressed in this literature.

All texts are copyright of Franco Santoro, unless otherwise mentioned and credited.
© All texts are copyright of Franco Santoro, unless otherwise mentioned and credited. Please feel free to quote or reproduce any content, provided it is credited to Franco Santoro,, done so without modification and linked to the original article.
If on this page we accidentally publish copyright texts or images or other materials not belonging to us without properly crediting them or complying with their terms of us, please send us a message or e-mail and we'll amend or take them down.

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