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Not-so-secret lair of friendly neighborhood trainer Rob Finlayson

Who/ What is Trainer Rob?
I am! Since starting Personal Training, I've had a chance to meet some awesome people, and build a reputation for fun, functional and challenging fitness. To me, Functional Fitness is the everyday application of strength, movement and flexibility. By keeping our workouts varied and challenging, engaging the whole body and mind, you'll reach your goals and bring skills and ferocity into your everyday arena!

Who/What are The Superhumans?
You are! We're all human. We sweat, we work, we win and we lose just like the other guy. But by choosing to challenge yourself and make the decision to grow stronger, faster and fitter, you can take control of the excuses others may take for granted. Far as I'm concerned, that makes you pretty darn Super!

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    Gym/Physical Fitness Center, Sports & Fitness Instruction

   (651) 324-8776

      7601 42nd Ave N, New Hope, United States

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