Dance Hoops

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Hoops for FITNESS, FLOW, and FUN! Dance Hoops was formed when I realized a beautiful hoop can inspire and elevate hoop dance. Happy Hooping!

Dance Hoops

From the very beginning, my hoop designs were ideas that stuck in my mind like an image I wish I could draw. I had a hard time finding affordable hoops - and little to NO clue what I needed to buy in the first place. I would work my job after school for a month and save up to buy the tape. I continued to buy tapes with very little direction about their ultimate purpose.

Maybe it was to be certain I'd have the right colors for the next hoop design or maybe I was just collecting them like the porcelain gnomes that adorn my garden. I think I just loved shopping online! It wasn't my intention in the beginning to be a hoop creator. It fell from the sky (by stork, as it were).

Before my first daughter was born, something about being pregnant launched me into this creative frenzy. I crocheted, baked (and ate), and my tape collecting went into overdrive. I finally had the stock I needed to start a nice part-time hobby of making dance hoops for others. The blessing of my second daughter has further inspired me to turn this hobby of mine into a business which I had no idea could be so fantastically satisfying. I feel truly blessed to stay at home and still make a living doing what I love.

I know this world of hoopmaking has a lot of creative individuals and I'm honored everytime someone chooses me to make their hoop! These hoops are both durable and inexpensive because I want to spread the joy of what hoopdancing can bring! I stand behind my product that will sustain a few thousand drops to the ground but not break the bank.

More importantly, I want my customers to feel they purchased a hoop that will inspire them to keep dancing and moving.

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