Structure in Bahrain

Structure in Bahrain

Manama Yoga for Youth

Yoga for Youth

In this stressful and busy lifestyle of Bahrain the youth are always looking for something new, exciting and challenging activities tochannelize their... »

Manama Sabaya Trading EST.

Sabaya Trading EST.

We do consultation for setting up Beauty Salons and Parlors. We provide all the necessary equipments and assist them in designing the layout of the Sa... »

Manama Tanya Salon and Thai Massage

Tanya Salon and Thai Massage

Ladies salon for hair, nails, massage, facials, moroccan bath.

Isa Town Reval Medical Center

Reval Medical Center

Reval is an outstanding Laser, Cosmetic, Skincare, and Dentistry center started by Dr. Hameed Bahman & Dr. Nasser Saleh. Reval Medical Center provid... »

Salmabad 381 A Medical Equipment- Bahrain, Emirates, Saudi Arab and Kuwait

381 A Medical Equipment- Bahrain, Emirates, Saudi Arab and Kuwait

We are selling Medical and Beauty Equipment in the Gulf, our head-office is in Salmabad, Bahrain. We test, retest and again test our products before d... »

Rifa'a Ash Shamal Bahrain National Stadium

Bahrain National Stadium

The Bahrain National Stadium is the national stadium of Bahrain, located in East Riffa. It can accommodate 30,000 seats and is used mostly for footbal... »

Manama Cobra Fitness Bahrain

Cobra Fitness Bahrain

Gym/Physical fitness centre

"Find your fav relax venue... in one click"