Structure in Belize

Structure in Belize

Punta Placencia Eucalipto Yoga Studio

Eucalipto Yoga Studio

Eucalipto is a lifestyle, is place where you can find peace, love, health and the most important yourself. Stephanie the owner provide diferents heali... »

San Pedro Oasis Spa San Pedro

Oasis Spa San Pedro

Oasis Spa over the water on the pier at Fido's, the exclusive escape from your daily life.

San Pedro Zen Belize

Zen Belize

Daily Schedule (Please check daily post for changes) Monday 8:45am-9:45am Vinyasa YOGA w/ Tara 10:00am-11:00am Hatha YOGA w/Tara Tuesday 8:45am-9:4... »

San Ignacio Chai Garden Ashram

Chai Garden Ashram

Bliss is the key… Welcome to the new Chaya Garden Ashram. This is a personal invitation from Evan and Laine to join us at the palapa by the waterfal... »

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