Structure in Belize

Structure in Belize

San Pedro Soul Space

Soul Space

Science and Soul Wellness is a tropical Caribbean Wholeness Center where you can connect with other like minded individuals, fall in love with your st... »

San Pedro Fun in the Sun Aquafit classes

Fun in the Sun Aquafit classes

Aquafit is a fun way to socialize, keep healthy and improve your muscle tone. Eileen is a great teacher, she keeps us all laughing and motivated t... »

Cayo Mara's Beauty Salon and Mara's Institute Of Cosmetology

Mara's Beauty Salon and Mara's Institute Of Cosmetology

Welcome to Mara's full-service salon, where we cater to your every need. You will find a soothing, peaceful aromatic and contemporary environment to r... »

Corozal MnM Shimmers Corozal Town

MnM Shimmers Corozal Town

Get your own Promotional Cards, collect your stickers and let the fun begin!!! And get enrolled to be a member of the M n M Shimmers Club!!! Play Our ... »

San Ignacio Maya Mountain Wellness Center

Maya Mountain Wellness Center

Located in a beautiful jungle lodge of Cayo district, Belize, we offer wellness packages including yoga, healthy cooking, probiotics making, and more!... »

San Pedro High Five Yoga Health & Healing

High Five Yoga Health & Healing

I believe that we are all meant to live fulfilling purposeful lives. A satisfying easeful life is not a hocus-pocus pipe dream, it is our birthright. ... »

San Ignacio Looks & Beauty Unisex Salon

Looks & Beauty Unisex Salon

Hair Cuts & Styles, Blow dry, Flat Iron, Dye’s, Manicure & Pedicure, Cold Waves, Waxing Treatment, Gel & Acrylic Nails, and Much More.

Punta Placencia Eucalipto Yoga Studio

Eucalipto Yoga Studio

Eucalipto is a lifestyle, is place where you can find peace, love, health and the most important yourself. Stephanie the owner provide diferents heali... »

Cayo The Holistic Institute of Healing

The Holistic Institute of Healing

Services Digestive Health/Colon Care Detox and Weight Loss Colon Hydrotherapy (Colon Irrigation) Herbal Nutrition Counseling 7 Day Healing Journey Ha... »

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