Structure in Lebanon

Structure in Lebanon

Beirut JSport


Our firm was established in 2004 in Laguna Beach, California and expanded to Lebanon in 2007. We offer a variety of Holistic Individual, Corporate a... »

Beirut Make-Up Studio Lebanon

Make-Up Studio Lebanon

It all goes back to the late eighties in Amsterdam, Holland, when a team of makeup specialists decided to provide the demanding cosmetic market with a... »

Bchamoun Dahab


استمتعوا بجمال عينين سحري مع عدسات ذهب اللاصقة بتشكيلة ألوان جديدة وجذابة

Beirut Cynthia Zabbat

Cynthia Zabbat

Vinyasa Flow | Hatha Yoga | Yoga para Niños | Yoga para Deportistas | Yoga para Embarazadas | Yoga Restaurativo | Meditación | Kundalini | Disponibi... »

Antilyas Wissam Sargi

Wissam Sargi

Wissam Sargi represents the latest styles in hair fashion, Hair-Extensions, Make up, Treatment, Facial Care, Nail care, Skin care, physical therapy , ... »

Tyre Roun Spa

Roun Spa

Roun Spa is dedicated to providing you with the best treatment for a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. Our talented Staff are devoted to treating you... »

Beirut Chady Haddad - Hairdesigner

Chady Haddad - Hairdesigner

Chady Haddad is where the art of hairdressing comes together with style, glamour, fashion, innovation and skill to create an exquisite salon experienc... »

Choueïfate المهارات Almaharat Training & Trading كفرشيما/أول الشويفات الطريق العام

المهارات Almaharat Training & Trading كفرشيما/أول الشويفات الطريق العام

Almaharat training and trading in the beauty business make up Tattoo nail care hairdressing barber and all related beauty care

Baabda Sankom Lebanon

Sankom Lebanon

The most advanced Swiss innovations for shape and posture

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