Structure in Uganda

Gulu Ketcwiny


all your best cosmetics from ketcwiny cosmetics and accessories shop all you need in a one stop shopping center just drop by and check out what we hav... »

Kampala Wear-It-Right


At Wear-It-Right, fashion is an attitude, from WIGS, PERFUMES, HAIR EXTENSIONS, SYNTHETIC HAIRS, HUMAN HAIRS of all kind.... And everything for everyo... »

Kampala Salon N 49

Salon N 49

No 49 brings a natural formula for maintaining African natural hair, which is at the forefront of natural hair treatments worldwide. We say goodbye to... »

Jinja The Woody Option Club

The Woody Option Club

The Woody Option club provides the most complete workout in Jinja. Be it Tae Kwon Do, Self Defense, Aerobics or Weightlifting, under the professional ... »

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