Holistic Body Therapy

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Vital Health & Beauty for Body, Mind & Planet

Andrea Shanti is a mother, healer, and a leader in the transformative arts.
Holistic Body Therapy is the name of my practice as a Holistic Practitioner where I use massage therapy, bodywork, yoga techniques, energy balancing and plant wisdom to facilitate self-healing in my clients.

My line of Herbal Wellness Formulas is produced in reverence and celebration of Mother Nature. Intentionally communing with our ancient plant partners, I promote personal and planetary health and beauty. HBT sources all ingredients as locally, ethically and organically as possible. Many of the herbs are wild crafted around Mount Shasta and remaining ingredients are procured directly from trusted sources. All products are hand-made and bottled in small batches to ensure freshness and potency. I am blessed to use pure Shasta water to brew my blends. I never use artificial preservatives or synthetic fragrances,

Andrea resides in Mt. Shasta, CA and experiences deep satisfaction in developing her homesteading arts of beekeeping, gardening, painting, and knitting.

    Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care, Alternative & Holistic Health Service

   (530) 926-1675

      P.O. Box 647, Mount Shasta, United States

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