Mystical Nancy (Nancy L. Robinson)

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Nancy L. Robinson | | 703-589-5047 Psychic Readings *Pranic Healing *Group Readings *Past Life Regression *Psychic Development

Have you wondered what step to take next in your life and didn’t know where to turn? As a Spiritual Medium, I can help you contact your Spirit Guides, teachers and masters for inspiration and guidance.

Go deeper and discover your own psychic/intuitive abilities through Psychic Development Meditations. I will guide you into deep meditation and help you discover how to pick up on cues or messages being offered by your Spirit Guides or departed loved ones. This is offered on a 1:1 basis or in small groups.

Emotional challenges and physical ailments are often caused by blockages in energy centers of the body called Chakras. Clearing and re-energizing these chakras, through the use of specific techniques, offers you relief and you can gain a better feeling of Well-being. Also helpful are head massages with essential oils and crystal relaxation treatments.

    Astrologist & Psychic, Alternative & Holistic Health Service

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      901 Twelve Oaks Center Dr., Suite 908E, Wayzata, United States

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