Shifting Perceptions

Sacred Space Creator and Catalyst for Self-Love, Energy and Intuitive Healing

Hi! My name is Alanna Bergquist and I am a passionate student of life. My heart still flutters like a teenager when I talk about my incredible husband and even more so when I talk about our two beautiful kids. Our little family moved close to our home town so we can raise our family near our parents and we couldn't feel more blessed.

I have worked in health care as a Pharmacy Technician for over 14 years, in more than 7 different hospitals in 5 different cities throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta. The health care system is full of beautiful heart centred men and women passionate about helping people. No matter where I go I have found this to be true.

I've also found that so many of us have experienced moments or perhaps years of coming home from work feeling drained overworked and tired with little left to give our families once the work day is over. It wasn't until after attending a 5 day personal growth seminar, I found something that changed my whole understanding of these work-life balance issue.

I have been on a journey of self-love, discovering the truth of what that means to me. Self love is about so much more than going for a massage and treating yourself to your favourite things every once in a while. It’s about really being honest with yourself about whom you are, what you desire in your life, what are your values and what is valuable about you?! The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every experience in your life, accepting all of you is the key to creating a life you desire.

I tried for years to figure it out on my own, I kept my focus on what was wrong with me and where I wasn't enough and all that needed fixing. I read self-help books and it just made me feel more helpless. While I was trying so hard to be a better person, someone who deserves a good life, and could be a good mother wife and friend; all I was really doing was judging me, criticising me and never giving myself a break. I was creating my own misery, only I didn't realise it... I needed a shift in perceptions. What you focus on grows and so I had to learn to focus on all that was right with me instead of all that was wrong, this is quite the learning curve but I'm telling you SO WORTH IT!!

I discovered that I really do create my own happiness and if happiness is what I want I had to be willing to change some beliefs and perceptions about who I am and what I really want. I am not saying I have this all figured out and that I am always happy because that would be a lie, what I'm saying is that we tend to become teachers of the things we most need to learn, for me it is how to be kind, gentle, loving, forgiving and believing in myself. This is an exciting journey of discovering my own personal power to create my life on my terms.

With the support of some incredible people in my life I started my small business doing Reiki and other energy work and stress relief techniques, as well as creating small groups where women could come and gather and learn new tools, share their own experience and be witnessed in their journey of growth. I learned so much from other women and I discovered how powerful it was for us to come together in a safe place without judgement and without being in competition with each other. I discovered how we can create and hold sacred space for each other and in this space was where some of the most powerful healing I have ever witnessed took place.

To feel heard seen and validated and not judged, critiqued, or "fixed" is freeing and POWERFUL. I am a sacred space creator and catalyst for self-love and I would be honoured to hold space for you and your journey!

As well as working casually as a Pharmacy Technician in the Humboldt Hospital I am now also a certified Reiki Practitioner, Practitioner of the Light, Inner critic work and I also offer and Essential Oil Touch Therapy. My sessions are focused around self love, shifting perceptions and becoming more connected to your true self.

I work out of my home right here in Humboldt, Sk,

    Spa, Alternative & Holistic Health Service


      1327 Heidgerken Cres, Humboldt, Canada

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