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No matter what your goals are, Stafford MMA is the place for you... You dont have to be great to get started but you do have to get started to be great!!!

Little Sharks, 4 – 5: My Little Sharks Champions Classes are fast-paced, fun filled, educational and motivational. Kids love Karate and parents love watching their kids learn and grow in a positive, well-disciplined and encouraging atmosphere. Each class is filled with exciting, hi-energy drills that are carefully designed to develop important life skills. Classes start simple and gradually become more challenging based on each child's individual pace and readiness for new material. All lessons are based on positive recognition, reward and reinforcement for effort, skill, manners, sportsmanship and respectful treatment of others. Self-confidence and Self Esteem are built in a gradual step-by-step fashion. Martial Arts training builds a strong foundation that can easily be applied in academics, sports, arts and social settings outside the dojo.
Kids Program, 6 – 10: My Black Belt Kids Program is based on the core values of Martial Arts training. "Martial Arts Begins and Ends With Respect." From this basic premise, I will develop your child's awareness and skills in four primary areas Self Discipline, Respect, Loyalty and Perseverance. Our core curriculum includes hi-energy drills and skills designed to build and condition each child's attitude, behavior and overall character development. My Black Belt Champions training helps children and young adults develop greater self-control and self-discipline in everything they do. Training begins with the learning of the 3 keys of FOCUS to learning Martial Arts. FOCUSING of the EYES, the MIND and the BODY. My training instills confidence through positive coaching, lots of encouragement and a powerful mentoring relationship with role model leaders. We also teach valuable life skills that focus on Goal-Setting, positive attitude, relationship building, communication skills and leadership. I offer an exciting step-by-step coaching series to develop these critical personal development and hi-level achievement skills.
Teens Program, 11-15: Television, video games and fast foods present significant temptations and challenges to our young people today. I strive every day to deliver a program that builds a sense of balance for your teen. My Black Belt Championships Program inspires teens with specific instruction on how to live healthier, how to exercise and how to build energy and a dynamic spirit. I want your teen to be better prepared to face life's challenges and be successful in everything they do. Statistics tell us that 1/3 of all teens are obese and that fully 2/3 are overweight and at risk of preventable health challenges that could lead to early death. Most teens are less active than previous generations and spend too much time on the computer or playing video games. They barely even have a structured gym class in school. Combine the lack of activity with the ease of fast foods and the junk that teens can easily become addicted to, and it's easy to see why our nation is creating teens at risk. My program will get your child in the best shape of their young lives. I'll increase their flexibility, strengthen and tone their muscles and give them greater endurance. All while they are having fun and learning valuable life skills that will carry over to becoming successful adults. I am an expert at motivating teens and bringing out the best in them. I love to team up with families to instill a non-quitting spirit in kids and teens helping them become Black Belt Champions in life.
Adult Program, 16 - +: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is my program designed to introduce you to the basics of Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling. These techniques have been tested and refined through decades of study. The goal of the Basic program is to provide a firm foundation for an understanding of the arts, while beginning to condition your mind and body for a safer, stronger, fitter lifestyle.

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