Studio Roots on 20th and E

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Studio Roots is a unique atmosphere of wooden floors, green plants, some soulful groove and....some very Hip Jazz...not to mention....a salon experience like no other. Call or text to book your session 306.270.1117. Consultations are alway free!

"Studio Roots is a group of very strong, unique, and beautiful folks, who give me the inspiration to create beautiful art". (Terese)

Terese invites you to come down and check the shop out..whether you get your hair done here or not! You are always welcome to drop in for some good company, great conversation, for some music to soothe your soul…a glass of wine or a shot of Scotch.

Studio Roots is where your hair wants to be and
where people go when they need to get away...and can't go far....

Terese Epp is the in-depth, innovative and creative Hair Stylist-Designer-Artist...of Studio Roots...the Essence of Hair.

Armed with scissors, passion, skills...and 'a whole lot of personality'... Terese is dedicated to opening your eyes to the realization that (regarding beauty) the only beholder that really you.

By providing you with an atmosphere conducive to gaining ~peace of mind~ the goal is to have you lookin' & 'feelin' right' by the time you leave the the shop. 'Cause when you feel right, you can do anything you set your mind to matter what you are going through...

Studio Roots is a place like no other...and Terese
s like no-one you have ever met met before! When it's your turn she will stand behind you and put her hands in your hair and say "What are we doing with your hair today?"...usually, you answer "whatever you want" and with that, the Studio Roots Experience begins. With almost 30 years experience in 'the industry' of Beauty...this stylist is legendary from coast to coast for her solid craftsmanship...interesting ways...and her grand story-telling.

Studio Roots is located inside the Barbershop on 20th and E in Saskatoon….this place is like no other. You are going to love it here.

    Hair Salon


      502 20th Street West, Saskatoon, Canada

  Parking in the street


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