The Good Earth Movement

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The Good Earth Movement Cooperative - A Tea and Elixir Bar Offering Organic Herbal Products and Fair Trade Imports, Healing Services, and Workshops

The Good Earth Movement (GEM) Cooperative is a unique cooperative model located in Placerville, California. The GEM was fully constituted November 7th, 2016. GEM hopes to spread the model to other communities in need.

The GEM mission is to create abundance through the pursuit of member passion while meeting community needs with community based sustainable resources. The GEM Cooperative provides healing products and services when available through locally sourced products, that are organic, fair traded or sustainably produced,

The Coop is organized and conducts its business primarily for the mutual benefit of its members and the community of Good Earth Movement (GEM). The earnings, savings, or benefits of the corporation willl be used for the general welfare of the members or shall be proportionately and equitably distributed to its members as patrons, based upon their patronage of the corporation. GEM is democratically controlled and is not organized to make a profit for itself, as such, but primarily for its members as patrons. The GEM Cooperative is a marketing cooperative and members are independent contractors who sell products and services through the Coop.

We have started a GOfundme account. Funds will be used to purchase critical supplies, accounting services and make necessary tenant improvements. The funds will also be used to outreach within the community and help new members develop locally crafted products that can meet needs such as new herbal remedies, healing services healing art and crystal tools.

GEM welcomes new member candidates and consignors of unique products and services.

    Alternative & Holistic Health Service, Shopping & Retail

   (530) 303-3755

      250 Main St, Placerville, United States



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