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URyoga strongly believes that yoga is for every body, age, race, gender, religion or social status. There is no such thing as the right yoga “yoga is your natural state” and each person lives their Yoga in their own particular and unique way. The practice of Physical Yoga such as Asanas (physical postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Meditation is just a form to get in touch with your real self (a strong, compassionate, beautiful, joyful and free being).

In URYoga each person is unique and each session is exceptional. All classes are designed to address each individuals’ or group’s needs. It’s about helping you use your full capacity within your own limitations, it’s about avoiding unsafe practice by perfecting Your Own Practice, the union of your dualities: engage and surrender, flexibility and strength, energising and calming. Become stronger, energised and flexible in body and mind, allow your worries to dissipate, your tension to melt… clear your mind and become more alert and focused.

Remaining true to the source of Yoga yet allowing it to evolve in to a practice that fits the modern society individuals’ without changing its universal essence all classes have a strong influence of Traditional Asthanga Yoga as well as Vinyasa Yoga.

Sessions may vary from a more dynamic and fluid movement intense practice inspired on an array of Hatha Yoga postures to a more classical sequence stimulated primarily by the Asthanga Series

On a physical level the practice aims at building strength and flexibility in the body, loosening tight muscles and realigning and detoxifying the body and nervous system. On a mental level, through regular practice focus, willpower, mind-body awareness and self-confidence is improved, overcoming the mental obstacles to our practice. On a subtle level the practice acts therapeutically clearing obstacles in the energy channels in the body (known as Nadis) allowing both the body and mind to work more effectively.

All sessions include physical postures (Asanas), breath work (Pranayama), Meditation and Mantras.

2016 – 200 Hour Teacher Training Traditional Asthanga Yoga, Himalaya Yoga Valley, Goa, India
2015 – 200 Hour Teacher Training in Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Kula, Singapore
2014 – 3 day Teacher Training, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Singapore

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