Simply Black and White

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We offer homemade bath and body products: lotion, lipbalm, salts, scrubs, and lye soap. The main ingredient in our lotion is COCONUT OIL!!!

At Simply Black & White, we strive to create the best product possible. Instead of watering down your lotion with alcohol or mineral oil, we use COCONUT OIL to make it an actual moisturizer instead of just another good fragrance, of which we currently offer eight choices plus unscented. We also offer lye soap made with COCONUT OIL and shortening to give you yet another way to moisturize your body. For those that like to really pamper themselves we offer both a fragranced Epson salt and also a fragranced scrub made up of glycerin and Epson salt. And don't forget those forever dry lips! We have our own line of lightly flavored lip balms made from castor oil and beeswax.

So we invite you to try our products and discover just how much you will love them! Simply Black & White Bath and Body- simple products making you feel simply beautiful...

    Aromatherapy Service

   (888) 622-6393

      1110 3rd St, Monett, United States

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