Lindale Trainer

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If you want to drop some fat, improve the shape of your physique, add muscle, or drop some serious fat - I AM YOUR TRAINER & NUTRITION COACH.

Lindale Trainer

Hi! I'm Cassandra Gann and I am in the Body Transformation Business. I have been in the gym for 20 years and have dedicated my life to purposeful body sculpting and fat loss. I am a Personal Trainer and Specialist in Fitness and Sports Science Nutrition. I am also a figure competitor by hobby and a competition judge for the NGA. I take much pride in being a natural athlete and appreciate my understanding of the science behind getting lean, and shaping beautiful muscles naturally.
My experience and education is science based and results proven.
Whether you are a little overweight, extremely over weight, want to add muscle, or just shape what you have, my passion is to see you achieve your goals. I am results driven and I have your formula for success.

    Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, Gym/Physical Fitness Center

   (903) 574-1769


      Lindale, United States

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