Goalies Inc. Hockey School

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Our Hockey School Goaltending Training Camps offer two high-intensity days of on-ice and off-ice instructions. We start our goaltenders with solid fundamentals and progressive footwork mechanics. We focus a great deal on proper, balanced fundamentals and how to utilize them in a game situation. This allows our students to effectively apply our instruction to their game.

The Goalies Inc. system involves our unique ability to break down the position into an easily understood system that will allow each student to relate each movement to the next. We want our students to develop a clear understanding of the position and constantly be progressing every time they touch the ice. We train our minds as well as our bodies. Goaltenders will progress from proper fundamental mechanics onto in depth instruction of game situation techniques. Our individualized instruction allows each student get the 1:1 attention that is vital for their own development.

Our hockey camps are open to goaltenders of all ages and skill levels. Our high intensity workouts and unmatched attention to detail allow our camps to be relevant to any goaltender, regardless of his or her background. When combined with our power skating program, our Goalies Inc. system provides a great training program that is both physically and mentally challenging.

The Goalies Inc. System starts with:

6 hours - On ice instruction
- Mite- Peewee (Beginner)
+ Emphasis on fundamental development
- Bantam - Professional
+ Focus on fundamental maintenance
+ Emphasis on game situation integration
3 hours - Off ice instruction
- Mite-Peewee (Beginner Instruction)
- Peewee- Bantam (Intermediate Instruction)
- High School - Professional (Advanced personalized training)
On ice video analysis
High Level Shooters
3:1 player to coach ratio
Catered lunch daily
Complimentary jersey
24 student maximum

Early registration deadline April 30th, 2017
Save 45.00 Per Camp

Pricing: $295 Per Player

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