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Shiva Dharma - Holistic Healing Academy

Discover your inner healer!
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- Are you interested in holistic healing?
- Are you already following a spiritual practice of some kind?
- Would you like to learn about or improve on contemporary holistic practices?

You have come to the right place. Holistic Healing is the applied wisdom of how to take care of the whole person that you are – body, mind, spirit and soul. Holistic healing means consciously reconnecting with your Self – every part of it – and getting rid of stress, anxiety and limiting beliefs and behaviors. We would like to show you ways to improve your energy and to explore and appreciate your whole self, that are profound and fit into a modern lifestyle.

- Are you interested in becoming a holistic healer yourself?

We offer a wide range of classes from a short practical seminar to a full professional training.

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In order to embrace the real you, you have to take care of your spiritual self. Any holistic practice is also a spiritual practice. Eternal truths exist beyond religious or personal beliefs. One of these truths is, that you are Light. The proof will come to you step by step through regular spiritual practice that removes the veil from you inner awareness layer by layer. Come and explore different practices. This way you will definitely find one that suits you: Silent meditation or Qi Gong, Life Coaching or Past Life Regressions, Energy Healing or Spiritual Rituals (Pujas).

Everything that you need is already within you. You just need to take the time and persistence to find and cultivate it.

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